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In Vitro Fertilization

Ours was the first IVF/ICSI center of Western U.P. established at the time of the need five years back (5th Dec 2004) to fulfill the vision of Dr. Madhu Jindal. Hence the center was dedicated to her in her name. Meerut being so close to Delhi (75 km away) did not have any center providing quality infertility care which met international standards. After rigorous training in infertility we dedicated to offer comprehensive IVF/ICSI services under one roof for the benefit of our patients coming from all strate of society. Our equipment is state of the art & it is the best from all over the world. To mention a few, our stereozoom & inverted microscope are from Olympus Japan, our micro manipulator is from Narishinge Japan, our suction pump is from Rocket London, UK, our carbon dioxide incubators are from Labotect, Germany & Thermo Electron USA. We use ICSI pipettes from Cook's Australia & IVF disposables from Becton Dickson USA, IVF culture media from SAGE, USA & CCD France & IVF catheter from CCD France.

In our centre embryo's are kept in high tech incubators designed by Thermo Forma (USA) & monitored in ideal culture Our laparoscopic equipment is from Karl's Storz Germany. The uterine morcellator is from Ethicon, USA, insufflators & telescopes are from Karl's Storz, Germany. Hand instruments from Jarit, Germany & Karl's Storz Germany. The laparoscopic disposable are from Ethicon USA & Cook, Australia. .

Our equipment & systems are as per international standards.
Our ultrasounds and color Doppler are of GE, USA and Medison Korea, our foetal monitors and cardiotocography stations are of Huntley, UK.
Our success rates for IVF/ICSI & IUI are as per international success rates between 30-40% depending on the age & the medical profile of the patient.

We strive hard to give the best pregnancy rates & we have a full pre IVF work up of the couple to help us achieve that goal.

We offer comprehensive IUI/IVF/ICSI packages which are very cost effective so that you don’t have to pay extra for little things. Once you avail of our packages you don’t have to pay extra for consultations, blood tests & scans.

You don’t have to stay in Meerut for the entire IVF/ICSI cycle. Our protocols are so designed so that you can be most comfortable in your own city & spent minimal amount of time travelling & commuting to the IVF clinic only in the latter half of the cycle. More than half of our patients are from outside the city who have easy access to us through fax & email & can even get their preliminary testing & case by their own doctors in their respective cities.

Over the last five years we have had patients from all over the country & even abroad who find if very convenient & cost effective to get their IVF treatment done by us.

We have packages which provide a total cost with no hidden expenses.

In Vitro Fertilization